Logo 69 cream over-the-knee boots from Viva la Diva

When you write a shoe blog, you get to see an awful lot of over-the-knee boots at this time of year (Actually, this has almost as much to do with the fact that I love over-the-knee boots as it has to do with the fact that I have a shoe blog). The vast majority of them, perhaps unsurprisingly, tend to be black, brown or grey, with the occasional brighter colour thrown in for good measure, and that’s why these cream/neutral coloured boots by Logo 69 come as such a welcome surprise. They’re the perfect “go-with-everything” colour (they’d go particularly well with my winter jacket, as a matter of fact. Hmm.) and they’re also a great shape: the heel is just the right height for comfortable walking, and the toe is neither too round nor too pointy, so they’re unlikely to date quickly, either. Oh, and the top also turns down, allowing you to wear them as knee boots, if you prefer.

That’s several good reasons for me to want to buy these. Unfortunately, there are 179 reasons NOT to, as at £179 they’re out of my budget. If they fit comfortably into yours, however, you can click here to buy them from Viva la Diva.


  • Oh, I don’t think they look cheap at all. I love them, and if I saw them, would have to try them on, at least. Even if they became “indoor only” winter footwear for me, since they’d be filthy very quickly outside in a Boston winter.

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