Zara bright pink high heels in suede

zara pink high heels

Zara pink high heels. £49.99

I just can’t seem to stay away from the Zara website right now. Sorry. I’d promise to stop just as soon as they run out of shoes for me to write about, but I think we all know that’ll by the time that happens, they’ll be due a new delivery, so I’m promising nothing. Let’s talk about these amazing pink high heels, instead.

I actually might not have bothered showing you these if I hadn’t happened to have seen them in store a couple of weeks ago. In the photo, they look nice, but this shade of pink really isn’t my colour, and there are so many other pairs of pumps around right now, why would I single out these ones? Because in person they’re absolutely gorgeous, that’s why. I think this is one of those cases where the photo really doesn’t do the shoe justice. I zeroed in on these the second I found them in store, and thought they looked much more expensive than £49.99 – especially considering that’s a real suede upper. The shape is absolutely perfect – and we all know how hard it can be to find that, right? – and the colour is a show-stopper. I’d probably have bought them if I’d been able to convince myself that this is a colour I’d wear often, but… actually, there are no “buts” here: I can’t honestly promise that if I found them on sale, they’d never find their way into my shopping basket.

If you want to add them to yours, meanwhile, you can do it here.

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