Valentino Patent Leather Round Toe Bow Pumps

I know, I’m showing you ANOTHER pair of Valentino bow pumps. I do that a lot. I’m sorry.

Actually, you know what? I’m not really sorry. Because when I was in the US this June, I spent rather a lot of time trying on Valentino bow pumps. Specifically these ones:

I’m in love with these shoes. Seriously, if I were to win the lottery, they’re the very first thing I’d buy. In every colour. And in every shape – the also come in a d’orsay style, for instance, and I’d take those too. And actually, you’re probably expecting me to say I like the red best, but it was the black version that really won my heart. They’re so much nicer in person, and, well, they’re just show-stoppers.

Of course, the peep toe wouldn’t be all that practical for the coming winter, and that’s where the pale pink pumps above come into play. This is a slightly different style, and, as you can see, they come with a triple-layered bow rather than a double one. It’s very extravagant, and very attention-grabbing, and it’s the kind of bow that will divide opinion: for instance, I tried on a couple of versions of this shoe, too, and while Shoepermum and I were ALL OVER THEM, Shoeperman and Shoeperdad were pretty aghast by that bow. Maybe it’s a male/female thing, who knows.


If I owned these shoes, I would wear them every day. I would love and cherish them, and at night I would polish them with a silk rag, and I would tuck them up in bed, and maybe give them a little kiss.

OK, I wouldn’t. But I do like them (Er, you guessed that, didn’t you?), and if you like them too, and have a little more money than I do, you can click here to buy them for $775. Treat them well!


  • Argh these are gorgeous! Especially like the red ones. Oh God. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be looking at this site whilst trying to be shoe-sensible…

  • They are lovely! I love them all! But I think I prefer the peep-toe ones!
    I like the shape of the pale pink ones, but I’m not sure either about the bow. I think I like the other bow more.

  • I was wondering when the peep toes would be featured on here! I am still well and truly in love with them…

  • The red and black peep-toe style also come in nude. I know this because I have them in nude and they are the most fantastic pair of shoes I have ever owned 🙂 I admit I waffled in the shop over whether to get the red ones, but in the end I thought the nude would be more versatile.

  • I have the black peep-toes, they are absolutely doll. Not the most comfortable on my toes (I have fat toes so it’s a common problem) and regardless of my efforts my big toes usually come out a tad cut up but how gorgeous the shoes are makes up for it. I had tried on the black lace version in stores then ordered patent online and they were a bit stiffer.

    They also come in pink, sort of a rose. Was debating on getting the pink as most of my closet is pink but I already have pink glitter Louboutins and I needed plain black shoes as a staple. Just checked and Nordstrom has them in a metallic bronze now too, but the pink is sold out. They ALSO have a light pink satin peep-toe with a triple bow decked out in crystals.

    There’s also a clone in colorblocked blue/teal and pink/orange with a pretty darn identical bow by Jeffrey Campbell in suede. The fit on them is super bizarre, however.

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