Nine West Kilianna slingback bow flats

Nine West Kiliana bow flats

Nine West ‘Kilianna’, $69

It’s not like me to gush over a pair of flats (I normally reserve that kind of behaviour for my beloved sky-high stilettos), but I don’t just LIKE Nine West’s ‘Kilianna’ flats: I LOVE them. In fact, if Zappos shipped to the UK, I’d currently be:

a) Trying to talk myself out of buying a pair.

b) Realising resistance was futile, and trying to decide which colour to get instead.

c) Ending up ordering two, because I couldn’t possibly choose between them.

The two colours in question would be the green and blue versions at the top of the page, but I also rather like the coral version, and did I mention these also come in black and white? I think they’re more or less the perfect flats: fabulous colour range, beautiful bow, pointed toe, affordable price-tag… the only thing I’m not sure about is the slingback heel, which would stop me wearing them in the winter as well as in summer, but other than that? Perfect. In an Audrey-Hepburn-would-totally-wear-these kinda way.

Which colour would you go for?

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  • I was immediately drawn to these when I went to Nine West a few days ago but I didn’t buy them as they made my size 5 feet look huge! I think the combination of the pointy toe and sling back was just too much together. A shame because I love the bow!

  • I feel like I NEED these shoes. In all three colours! And also praying they bring out a heeled version too!

  • As a result of this post, I ran out to the nearest Nine West & bought all three pairs (they had them in black & white, as well, but I didn’t like them as much). For the price tag I have very little to complain about. One thing I do wish they had done differently was make the point a bit shorter. All-in-all a lot of shoe for your money, & I know I’ll be wearing them plenty all through the summer.

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