Pale pink pumps from Zara

pink high heels pink pumps pale pink shoes

Zara pale pink pumps, £25.99

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but – wait for it – pink is, like, REALLY fashionable right now. Can you believe it?!

OK, I’m joking: I’m sure you’re all tired of reading about how OMGHOT this colour is at the moment, but unfortunately you’re going to have to hear me talk about it again, as I introduce you to these sweet pink pumps from Zara. These are only £25.99, and I came dangerously close to ordering a pair while I was writing this post (Note to self: stop doing that – you’re supposed to be writing about the shoes, not buying them…), because they’re just so cute, and such a great bargain. As you guess, these have man-made uppers, but even so, they’re the kind of shoes I can imagine wearing a lot: if you have very pale skin, as I do, this shade of pink is very close to “nude”, and that makes it very easy to wear. If you’re not super-pale, meanwhile, these are still a fun shade, which will work with most other colours. I’m a big fan of wearing pale colours in the winter-time (Just because it’s gloomy outside, it doesn’t mean you have to wear equally gloomy clothes), and while these would be too delicate to risk on the dreariest winter days, you can either save them for spring, or keep them for indoor events and very dry days. I love the thought of wearing them with other pastels: baby blue is also really popular at the moment, and these would look great with it – if you don’t mind looking a little bit like a walking baby shower.

Did I mention they’re only £25.99? And available in sizes 2 – 9? I did? Well, why are you still here, then?

Buy them here

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