Jerome C. Rousseau pink dotted slingbacks

pink spotted sllingback shoes pink spotted slingback shoes

Jerome C. Rousseau pink dotted slingbacks, £578

Is it just me, or did anyone else look at these shoes and instantly think about candy? Smarties, to be precise. Or maybe M&Ms? Whatever it is that those little round dots remind me of, they make these shoes look pretty edible to me – and the candy-floss upper doesn’t do much to dissuade me from that view.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like the shoes, I hasten to add. Quite the contrary, in fact. I’ll admit that I’d probably have liked them better without the smattering of M&Ms on top (that pink upper is right up my street!) but I do think the embellishments add something, and creates a very whimsical feel which is fresh, youthful and perfect for the spring season. I’m also a big fan of red and pink, and although the combination is one I’d probably stop short of wearing from head-to-toe (It’s one of those looks I love on other people, but would definitely struggle to pull off myself!), it becomes much more wearable on the smaller surface area provided by a shoe.

Oh, and I can’t move on to the outfit without quickly mentioning the shape of the heel. The cut-out shape is quite unexpected on this particular shoe, and seems a little at odds with the very girlie feel of the rest of the design. I general prefer heels to be what some would call “boring” and what I prefer to think of as “classic”, so I’ll be interested to hear what everyone else thinks of it.

And now for the outfit! For these shoes, I decided to create an outfit that was edgy, experimental, and totally different from anything I’ve ever shown you before…

… Haha, just joking, it’s another full skirt combo:

what to wear with pink slingbacks: red and pink outfit

What to wear with pink slingbacks:

skirt //  sweater // belt // bag // nail polish

This is my “subtle” take on red and pink, and it’s actually a look I might attempt one of these days … assuming someone is kind enough to buy me the shoes, that is. Anyone? Anyone at all?


  • I quite like both the heel and the embellishments (I really like that they are red and white and not red and pink, which I think would look way worse) on the upper. But for me at least what really stole the show was that perfect pale pink full skirt. I’m just a bit bummed out it’s so expensive:/

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