ASOS Collective Patchwork Knee High Boots

ASOS Collective Patchwork Knee High Boots

ASOS Collective Patchwork Knee High Boots, £75

Yup, it’s another pair of ASOS boots: I know it’s just a week since the LAST pair of ASOS boots I showed you, but they WILL keep on creating amazing boots, so who am I to refuse to show you them?

These are high-heeled knee-highs, and they’re possibly the only 70s-inspired fashion item I’ve seen so far that I’ve actually liked. These aren’t at all my usual style (well, the shape is, the pattern not so much), but honestly? I kind of love them. In fact, I just had to talk myself out of buying them, even although I can’t afford them. Even though I’ve no idea what I’d wear with them. Even though they’d probably end up being the kind of boots you love to bits, but never wear because they’re not really you.

Despite all of this, I still really like them. The colours are interesting, unusual, and appropriately autumnal, and the shape is perfect. And even although I’ve said I’ve no idea how I’d wear them, for some reason I’m picturing them with some skinny jeans and a totally over-the-top coat. Maybe something a bit like this:

faux fur coat

OK, maybe not. I mean, it’s awesome, but it’s not very me, so what I’d probably end up wearing with these boots would be that trusty old fail-safe, the little black dress:

black midi dress

This dress is something I probably will end up buying at some point: it’s only £20, but it’s the kind of thing that could so easily be dressed up or down that I can see myself getting a lot of use with it. It could be relatively casual with boots and tights, for instance, but throw on a pair of killed heels, and you have yourself a whole different look. Also, it can be hard to find decent dresses with long sleeves these days, and they’re totally essential for those of us who feel the cold and don’t want to always have to layer up!


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