Kate Spade ‘Lydia’ jewel pumps

Kate Spade 'Lydia' jewel pumps

Kate Spade ‘Lydia’ jewel pumps, $398

Valentino’s Rockstud pumps have a lot to answer for, don’t they?

I don’t mean that in a bad way, I hasten to add: I know a lot of people think the Rockstuds are over-done now (or just didn’t like them in the first place), but I’ve always loved them, and I still do, even now that you can’t scroll through Pinterest without seeing a dozen different people wearing either the shoes themselves, or an “inspired-by” version.

As much as I like the originals, though, I think I might like these Kate Spade ‘Lydia’ pumps even more. These have the same basic shape as the Valentino shoes, but they add a sweet little bow to the bottom of the t-strap, and the studs on the straps are crystal. They have a 4.25″ heel, which is high, but not uncomfortably so, and the black patent and nude leather which make up the upper is the perfect pairing, as far as I’m concerned. These may or may not be sitting in my Shopbop shopping basket right now – and by that I mean “they definitely are”. I’ve yet to press the “buy now” button, but, well, watch this space.

Of course, my enthusiasm for these shoes is fairly predictable, as I’m a huge fan of Kate Spade in general (these gold glitter sandals are worn surprisingly often, considering they’re designed for special occasions, which I don’t see too many of!). Check out these little bow wedges, for instance:

Kate Spade bow wedges

Kate Spade bow wedges, $198

The stripes and bows are right up my street, and very typical of the super-girlie Kate Spade look. If you like the shoes, you might also like the matching bag, too:

Kate Spade handbag

Kate Spade stripe cross-body bag, $198

This is too small to hold much more than your keys and phone (which makes it a pretty expensive phone case, I guess…), but it wouldn’t be the first bag to fall into that category, so maybe you’ll think it’s worth the investment.

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