Nautical topsider stilettos from Charlotte Russe

While I was on vacation, I found myself almost being led into temptation by these Charlotte Russe platforms:


They don’t seem to have them on the website, but they were only about $30, were available in red, blue and black, and had both stripes AND bows on them. (And bits of tissue paper in this case but that’s because they were fresh out of the box and I was too lazy to remove it.  Paper not included, needless to say). BUT they were… well, they were just a little bit ridiculous, with a platform and heel that was far higher than it looks in this picture, and I didn’t think I’d get much use out of them, so I did something I hardly ever do, and put them back. (Then I went and bought Louboutins, so I guess my powers of resistance aren’t that great…)

While I was searching for them on the Charlotte Russe website, so I could show you something better than a blurry phone picture, though, I came across these, which I just KNOW would’ve been coming home with me if they’d had them in-store:


So cute. So cheap. ($26.99) So also-available-in-black. (Did some law come out in the past two weeks about all shoes being available in red, blue and black, by the way?) And, of course, so much more wearable than the huge platforms.

Charlotte Russe don’t ship to the UK, so these will never be mine, but if you’d like to make them yours, you can buy them here.


  • Wellcome back, shoeperwoman, we all missed you!

    These are gorgeous, really. And I wouldn’t find any use to the first ones, too.

    *btw, I’ve found a case of shoe-copycat, can I send you the pics?*

  • You know, I actually like the stripey ones. Platforms and all. Shame they don’t come with the tissue paper though, I think it really adds to the look. 😀

  • I’m so glad you didn’t buy the striped shoes! Too stripey, looks like something they’d wear at the circus.

  • I OWN these sassy little stilettos, well not so little of a platform I do admit. I photograph and thought they would be a perfect Pin-Up heel for costuming purposes. I found them in the clearance pile for $5.98 and just could NOT resist!! As they have been sitting in my closet for years I am now putting them to use as I will be making my debut in front of the camera with these too-hard-to- walk-in-to-wear-out-sex-pot-killers!!

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