Sergio Rossi blue plexiglass sandals

Sergio Rossi blue plexiglass sandalsEven although the thought of paying £500 for a pair of plexiglass sandals makes me break out in a cold sweat, and I can already imagine what kind of reaction these shoes will get from most of my readers, there’s something about them that’s really pleasing to the eye. I suspect it’s probably just the colour mix: those blues and greens make me think of the sea, especially when combined with the clear uppers, and they’re just very soothing to look at.

Would I wear them? Probably not, although I like them better than most clear plastic shoes I see.

Would I buy them? Definitely not. I did mention the £500 price tag, didn’t I?

If you would, however, they’re available at Colette, and you can click here to find them. Here’s one more photo for the road:

Sergio rossi heels


  • I don’t hate these. They are still mildly close to stripper shoes, and plastic, taking them forever off my list (especially at that price!) I do love the colors though. With a fabric or leather upper (and a price tag about 10% of what it currently is), I probably would’ve considered them.

  • They look great on their own. But add the sight of squished toes to that and the picture is not so pretty.

    • Plus the luminosity of the blue would be lost once it’s on a foot. And the same for most of the heel, in the shade of a body.

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