White studded court shoes from Zara

zara white studded court shoes

Just a couple of years ago, I hated white shoes – especially ones with pointed toes – to the extent that if you’d told me I’d one day consider wearing a pair of then, I’d have laughed, and thought you were a bit mad, really.

Lately, though, I’ve had a couple of occasions where I’ve been contemplating buying an item of clothing and have found myself thinking, “Hmm, I’d really need a pair of white shoes to go with that.” And trust me, I’m every bit as surprised by that as you are.

Which brings me to these Zara court shoes. They’re white. They’re pointed. And yet… I like them. I can even imagine wearing them, with either a patterned sundress, or maybe a pair of jeans. I think the fact that the white upper seems to have a bit of a pinkish tint to it helps (And let’s face it, I’m almost pale enough for white to be “nude” on me), and so do the studs, which mean you’re not looking at a glaring white canvas, so to speak.

What do you think of white shoes? And what you think of these ones? If you like them, they’re £39.99 and you can click here to buy them from Zara.


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