Friday Night Louboutin Fix: Christian Louboutin ‘Daffodile’ platforms

I’ve been holding off on showing you these shoes, because I think I can guess what the reaction to them will be. Still, they’re THE stand-out shoe from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, so how could they NOT feature as part of the Louboutin fix?

These are a staggering $5,995 in this particular, sparkly upper, but are a little cheaper in some of the other fabrics available. I’ve already spotted these on multiple pairs of celebrity legs, and I’ll say this for them: those clunky platforms sure make your legs look thin. Whether in a good way or in a bad way, I’ll let you decide.

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  • I kinda like them, but would still prefer the blue ones that they have out. Still not sure about that giant platform though

  • These are so stunning, I love them!I like that the crystals aren’t just claer ones but sparkle in different colours. Just the price is “a little bit” over the top in my opinion – nearly $6.000 for one pair of shoes??! That’s ridiculous!

  • Hmmm, I think they are leaning into the realm of fetishistic but I do love strass. Kylie has been rocking these on her Aphrodite tour – a good way to gain six inches!

  • If I could afford them and would be able to walk in them, I’d for sure buy them. But those shoes cost 12X what I paid for my car (literally).

  • I like the shape but agree with the first too that the blue is better personally if I had the cash I could probably be persuaded bit being 15 my allowance barley cuts it already 🙂

  • I loved them! Once I dressed as Cleopatra (Halloween, of course) and a friend of mine said I could steal from a bank and nobody would recognize me dressed that way, cause I looked very different. So I think I’ll accept her suggestion, get the money, buy these ones and wear them in prison.
    This is the only way I imagine I could possibly spend that enormous amount on shoes. Incredible!

  • Gorgeous! Let’s see here, if I stop eating, go homeless and drop out of school I think I’ll be able to afford them in 3-5 years. And then when I’m working in MacDonald’s I will have the snazziest shoes around.

  • Wow. These cost more than my Jeep did. They sure are gorgeous, though.

    When I grow up, I want to be in Louboutin’s target demographic.

  • You want to hear a story about these shoes that will make you…possibly weep..or laugh?

    I got a call from the Miami boutique that the Magos in Royal Blue were in. While I was there this girl and her Mom wanted those Daffodile Strass that someone else had on hold. I asked, “So what are the shoes for” and the GIRL responded, “My 15th birthday party.” I put my arm around her shoulder and said, “That’s my kind of Quince party.”

    Only in Miami.

    We started talking dress options, because the shoes must rule the outfit, but the typical quinceanera dress is out.

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