A lower take on the Casadei Blade heels

Casadei Blade heels:

Casadei Blade heels in grey Casadei Blade mid height heels

Casadei Blade heels, £430

I get a lot of questions about my beloved Casadei Blade heels – most of them revolving around whether or not they’re as uncomfortable as they look, and whether or not the very slender ‘blade’ like stiletto, which gives the shoe its name, is harder to walk on than a regular stiletto.

The answer is “no” on both counts: the Blade heel isn’t any more difficult to walk on than any other heelof comparable height, and the shoes aren’t any less comfortable because of it. That’s not, however, to say they’re what you’d call “comfort” shoes. The Casadei Blade is not designed for comfort: no 5″ heel is. That kind of height, without a platform sole to balance it out somewhat, will always put the foot at an angle which would be uncomfortable if you were to try to walk a long distance in them. (If you DID try to walk a long distance wearing the Casadei Blade, however, I’d have to question your sanity, and urge you to wear down the leather on a slightly less expensive shoe, which is better designed for distances!)

If, however, you love the style, but are still unconvinced by the comfort levels, these shoes might be a good alternative to the classic Casadei Blade. Retaining that amazing heel shape, but making it a whole lot thicker, and a little bit shorter, these look like they’d offer slightly more stability. I hesitate to say they’d be “comfortable, because they’re still high, coming in at 4.3”,and they still have a fairly pointed toe. Compared to the original Casadei Blade, however, they look almost “sensible”, although still with tons of amazing style!

Here’s how I’d wear them:

what to wear with cadadei blade heels

What to wear with Casadei Blade heels:

♥  Vivienne Westwood dress   ♥  Dsquared2 handbag  ♥  Dita Eyewear glasses  ♥ Brooch  ♥ Lipstick


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