Sugar ‘Emerald’ red polka dot wedges

Sugar 'Emerald' red polka dot wedges

Sugar ‘Emerald’ red polka dot wedges, £20.99

These shoes are called ‘Emerald’, but they’re bright red: I know, it’s confusing. Sorry about that. I actually wouldn’t have minded if they WERE emerald, come to think of it, but I like them even more in this colour, because, as long-time readers might recall, red wedges are something of a summer obsession for me. I’ve had quite a few pairs of them over the years, and they’re one of those styles I always like to have on hand (or on foot, rather: I don’t wear my shoes on my hands, I promise…) for summer holidays or other occasions when I’m going to be doing more walking than I usually do, but I still want to dress in something approximating my usual style while I do it.

I love wedges like these, not just because they tend to be pretty comfortable, but also because they have a bit of a retro feel, which I like – and which normally works well with my outfits, too. I’m not sure if it’s just the polka dot print that does it, or simply the colour red, but wedges like these have a real “pin-up” feel, without being so costumey that you wouldn’t be able to wear them with a simple pair of jeans or shorts, too. This particular pair also has a little rose detail on the front, plus a small platform, to give you a bit of extra height: one of my favourite thing about wedges is the fact that they give you height without putting your foot at too much of an angle, thus making them easier to walk in.

If I could change one thing about these, however, it would be the ankle strap, which is just a touch matronly. With that said, it’ll definitely help keep them on your feet, so that might help make up for it!

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