‘Beloved Rose’ red leather peep toes from Office

As today is Ruby Shoesday, I thought I may as well show you some red shoes, as well as wearing red shoes myself. Well, actually, I’ll be honest: I didn’t think that at all, but it’s a convenient excuse for the fact that the three posts I’ve written today all feature shoes which are either red, red-ish, or contain a hint of red, so I’m sticking to it. Think of it as my way of helping those of you who don’t own any ruby shoes to join in the challenge.

These ruby shoes are particularly eye-catching, and remind me of the kind of shoes Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz would have worn when she was all grown up and, er, working in a strip joint. I jest, I jest! They do have a very high, very thin heel, though, plus platform, and those, combined with the high-shine uppers and rose embellishments make them sure-fire attention getters. If red isn’t your thing, meanwhile, they’re also available in a slightly less ostentatious black. They’re £70 at Office.

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