JustFab ‘Alisanne’ platform t-bar sandals

platform t-bar sandals

These shoes are JustFab. Literally, I mean. As in, that’s the name of the brand, not necessarily my opinion of them. I’ll let you into a secret-that-isn’t-really-a-secret, though: it actually is my opinion, too. When it comes to summer shoes, I’ve always been partial to a nice, wooden-soled t-bar sandal, and these come in a nice choice of colours, which includes the two shown above plus a maroon red.

These are just $59.99, which is a sure sign that everything you’re looking at here is man-made, but if you’re shopping on a budget, they could just be worth a try. I think I like the pink version best, but I wouldn’t say no to the blue, either. Or, OK, the red.

Can you choose a favourite? Click here to do it.

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  • I like the blue ones best, only because I don’t have any blue shoes. And you know I can’t go past a t-bar.

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