Alberto Gozzi green suede knee high boots

Green suede knee boots

Green suede boots. Do you know how long I’ve been looking for a pair of green suede boots? LONG. REALLY LONG. Fi has a pair from River Island which I’ve been coveting for years now, but every pair I find are wrong in some way: either the colour isn’t quite right, the shape isn’t quite right, the leg is so wide it’ll look like a pair of wellies on me. It’s a long, hard battle to find the right pair of green suede boots, let me tell you.

These ones by Alberto Gozzi aren’t quite right either: while I do like this particular shade of green, it’s a little darker than the Ultimate Green Suede boots I’ve had in my head all these years. (Don’t you just hate it when you do that, by the way? You imagine the perfect item… and then you spend more or less your whole life looking for it, only to discover that it apparently exists only in your head. I do it aaaalllll the time.) They are a lovely shape, though, and I really like the wrapover detail at the ankle, which adds a little something special to the design.

As lovely as they are, however, these are also £300, which means they won’t be fulfilling my green-boot needs any time soon, although you can click here to buy them from Spartoo, if you think they might fulfill yours.


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