Monochrome Shoes: New Look ‘Rono’ pumps

monochrome shoes with pointed toe and high heel

Monochrome Shoes: New Look ‘Rono’ pumps, £19.99

Right after proclaiming that I’d been finding New Look a little uninspiring lately, along come not one, but two pairs of shoes to make me want to take back those words. It’s always the way of it, isn’t it? Yesterday I showed you a pair of camel ankle boots which would be perfect for casual days; today it’s the turn of these ‘Rono’ pumps, which are a great example of the current trend for monochrome shoes.

Now, even from the photo, I can tell these probably won’t be the highest quality shoes you’ll ever buy. The upper is man-made (Well, of course; they ARE only £19.99, after all!), and I find that man-made suede can get shiny very quickly. Because these are very much a “trend” piece, however, that may not bother you: personally I love the monochrome look regardless of whether it’s in fashion or not, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to wear it for a season, without having to spend a ton of money on it, this could be it. Despite the low cost, they’re nice looking shoes, with a sweetheart vamp and angular shape, both of which are very “this season”, and will work well with all of those monochrome clothes we’re seeing so much of in stores.

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