Miss KG ‘Gem’ red bow front high heels

Miss KG 'Gem' red bow front high heels

Miss KG ‘Gem’ red bow front high heels

It’s been a long time since I fell this hard for a pair of round-toed shoes: my tastes these days run more to the classic point-toed pump (As evidenced by the sheer number of the things that seem to have found their way onto my shoe shelves recently!), but I don’t just like these ‘Gem’ pumps – I absolutely love them. In fact, I’ve just gone ahead and added them to my “things I want to buy on pay day” list – whoops. There goes that spending ban I was trying my best (although not really, if I’m perfectly honest…) to stick to…

Seriously, though: these are some of the cutest shoes I’ve seen in a long time, and they’re pretty reasonably priced, too, which makes them super-dangerous to people like me – they’re not so expensive that I’d be forced to instantly dismiss the idea of ever owning them, but they’re not so cheap (or not in the middle of a supposed spending ban, anyway!) that I can justify buying them without a second thought. Instead, they’re the kind of price that will make me think, ‘I really shouldn’t,’ while knowing perfectly well that all  it would take would be one bad day, and I’d be trying my level best to convince myself that I absolutely deserve to treat myself. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does that?

I’m going to do my best to resit the siren song of ‘Gem’, but while we’re on the subject of Miss KG shoes, I also found these ones on the Kurt Geiger website:

Kurt Geiger 'Sara' nude high heel sandalsKurt Geiger ‘Sara’ nude high heel sandals

At first glance, these shoes may not seem quite as interesting as their bow-topped sisters, above, but I think they’re actually pretty fabulous, albeit in a subtle kind of way. ”Fabulous in a subtle way,” is one of my favourite things for shoes to be, though, so no complaints here at all!

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