ASOS PAPAYA Bridal Embellished Heels

ASOS PAPAYA Bridal Embellished Heels

ASOS PAPAYA Bridal Embellished Heels

ASOS describe these shoes as ‘bridal heels’, but although they’re definitely shoes for a (very) special occasion, I actually don’t really see them as specifically bridal – I think they could work for anyone with a taste for a whole lot of sparkle on their shoes!

With that said, I suspect these will probably be just a little bit too much for some tastes: while the nude satin upper is positively demure, the glitter heel and heavily embellished strap soon make you forget all about that, and focus instead on the question of just how much bling you can get on a shoe. (“A lot,” is the answer to that…)

For something a little more toned-down, but still beautiful to look at, meanwhile, I really like these metallic t-bar sandals by True Decadence, and also available at ASOS:

rose gold t-bar sandals

These have a very vintage-inspired feel to them, and I really like the combination of rose gold leather (or faux-leather, rather) and yellow gold glitter. Because who says you shouldn’t mix your metallics, right?

If you’d rather go for flats, however, these ‘Ladybug’ peep toes are cute, in an understated kind of way:

ASOS LAdybug peep toes

I have a pair of peep toe flats from Dorothy Perkins, which I wore to death last spring and summer. Although they’re holding up pretty well, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a replacement pair, and so far these are the closest I’ve found to what I’m looking for. Not sure that pale satin upper would last long in a UK summer, mind you!

Finally, I know I’m a little late for Valentine’s day, but a) I’ve never really been a big fan of themed dressing anyway, and, b) I’m a firm believer that heart-front shoes are not just for Valentines day, here’s a little something from Public Desire:

heart front shoes

Perspex shoes are REALLY not my thing – no matter how much I want to like them, all I ever see is TOES – but there’s no denying that these ones are fun, and a little bit whimsical.

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