Givenchy Shark Lock nubuck and textured-leather sandals in beige and black

Givenchy two-tone shoes

Givenchy two-tone shoes, £660

If you follow Net-a-Porter’s updates as religiously as I do, you’ll probably recognise these shoes from the “new in” section earlier this week. At £660, they’re the kind of shoes I have to hope the high street will be “inspired” enough to create their own version of, but although I don’t like the price, I do very much like the two-tone upper, and the oversize ankle straps.

Ankle straps are often a bone of contention when it comes to footwear, and many people dislike them for their ability to create “cankles” where none exist, or simply because the line they create across the lower leg can make the legs look stumpier than they really are. I definitely fall into the latter group: my legs are short enough as it is, so I generally try to avoid shoes that will make them look even shorter, but if a pair of shoes MUST have an ankle strap, then it’s a case of “the bigger, the better,” as far as I’m concerned. Super-slim straps are fiddly, and tend to cut into the leg when you walk: the ones on these shoes, however, are so chunky they’ll make your ankles look like delicate little things in comparison (Well, that’s the idea, anyway!), while the gold clasp draws attention to the ankle in the nicest possible way.

What to wear with two-tone shoes?

Black and white, as I’ve mentioned many times before, isn’t a tricky combination to style, so you may as well have some fun with it:

wjhat to wear with two tone shoes

What to wear with two-tone shoes:

skirt // top // bag // bangles // lipstick 

Although there are endless colour options for this style of shoe, I’ve added just one extra shade – cobalt blue – to keep the look fairly simple. The bangles tie the look together, but if you fancied going for something more colourful, it would be really easy to introduce some extra colours into this using accessories in whatever shade you want.

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