Five Ways to Switch Things Up This September

how to make a fresh start this September

For many of us, September, rather than January, is the month of fresh starts: it’s not only the start of a change of season, but for many of us, it also brings back those ‘Back to School’ memories, which herald in a time of change.

Even if you don’t have a big change planned for September, however, you can still make some small ones, to shake up your life, your home and your routine. Things like…


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I do know I have a tendency to get stuck in a rut when it comes to makeup and skincare: I’ll find something I like, then I’ll basically just keep on buying it forever – or until it’s discontinued, whichever comes first. A change of season, though, is not only a natural time to take a fresh look at what you’re putting on your face (Even although I’m really careful about using SPF, my skin is always a little darker in summer, thanks to all of the freckles that come out, and I prefer a lighter coverage in warmer weather, too…), it’s also a good time to change things purely for the sake of it: this year, I bought a bunch of new hair and skincare products, and have also been trying out some new makeup. Not only has it helped me discover some great products, it also makes my morning shower and beauty routine feel less of a chore (not that a shower is a huge chore, obviously, but you get what I mean), when there’s something new to try each time.


I have plans for some major home changes this autumn, but until I can afford to actually go through with them, I’ve also been making some smaller ones. It doesn’t sound like much, but fresh bedlinen and a couple of new candles can be just the pick-me-up you – and your home – needs.


During the summer, ShoeperMan and I like to get out and about as often as possible, in order to make the most of the nicer weather while we have it. Autumn and winter, by contrast, sees us turn slightly hermit-like, preferring to stay safe and warm indoors, rather than braving the wind and rain. As much as I dislike the typical autumn/winter weather, however, I also hate being stuck at home all the time, and will quickly develop a bad case of cabin fever: I find it hard to stay upbeat when I’m stuck in the same old routine all the time, and getting out of the house for a few hours really helps counteract that. This year I’ll be doing my best to plan a few treats, to keep that ‘summer holiday’ feeling going – even when summer is long gone.


Now, I’m not suggesting you do anything too dramatic here (or not unless you want to, anyway!), but even a small change in style can make you feel like a new woman: for a while, anyway!


This can be tricky to achieve if you have set working hours, childcare issues etc, but, again, I’m not talking about huge, radical changes, here – or not necessarily, anyway. As I mentioned above, I get quite bored with being stuck in the same old routine for weeks on end, so even a small change (working out in the afternoon rather than the morning, taking my laptop down to the living room, rather than working at my desk: that kind of thing…) can be a refreshing one, and make me feel more interested in going about my day.

Any other tips?


  • Colour your hair rather than cutting it? Or just change up the everyday style you wear if that’s all too drastic.

    I have been contemplating new bed linen for a while, now could be the time to actually buy some.

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