Gucci fringed cracked-leather pumps


Gucci fringed cracked-leather pumps, £530

Ordinarily, shoes like these wouldn’t get much consideration from me. The slightly squared-off toe, the chunky heel and the high vamp all combine to create exactly the kind of shoe I admire on other people, but just can’t wear myself. Trust me, I’ve tried, but I always end up looking like a little old lady in this kind of style, which is why I tend to stick to lower vamps and narrower heels, and to avoid square toes like the plague.

Despite all of that, I still kinda love these, and that has nothing to do with the shoe itself, and everything to do with gold, cracked leather upper, which takes it from sensible to stunning in one easy step. I mean, imagine these with a matte black upper, for instance: they’d be nice, but they wouldn’t have anything like the appeal of this gold version, which shows you what a difference a colour or texture can make.

These are one of a few Gucci pieces which are new in at Net-a-Porter this week, including this classic silk scarf:

Gucci silk scarf

I can’t really see scarves like this without thinking of Daphne from Scooby Doo, but it’s a look I do attempt every so often. A brightly coloured scarf is an easy way to add a touch of polish to an outfit, and they look particularly good with other classics, like a trench coat and shirt, say.

if you’re looking for something a bit more special, however, how about this silk evening gown:

Gucci evening gown

It’s no secret that I can’t stand most of the 70s-inspired pieces that are so prevalent right now, and can’t wait until the fashion world moves out of this particular phase. I do, however, love this dress, which showcases the more glamorous side of 7os fashion, and has a very opulent feel to it: I mean, I wouldn’t wear it (and not just because of the price!) but I do like to look at it, so at least that’s something.

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