Will Carolin Holzhuber’s conjoined shoes be the next big footwear trend?

illusion shoes by Carolin Holzhuber'conjoined shoes
It’s still only January, but I think it’s safe to say we’ve already found the winner of the “most unusual shoes of the year” award. (Which should totally be a thing, by the way…)

These amazing creations are by Carolin Holzhuber, and are just one of a selection of designs which all feature this same “conjoined” theme, presenting the illusion of two shoes, stuck together at the sole. These are fabulously creative, and each pair is even more amazing than the last, with the kind of looks that would be more at home in an art gallery than in a shoe store.

Unusually for this conceptual kind of style, however, these ARE available to buy, and can presumably be worn, too, although if you’re wondering how easy they’d be to actually walk in, well, join the club! I can’t promise these will be the most practical pair of shoes you’ll ever worn, but I CAN guarantee they’ll be the most talked-about: in fact, good luck making it all the way across a room in them without being stopped multiple times by people wanting to ask questions about them.

Unsurprisingly, these are custom-made to order, so there’s a few weeks delay between purchasing them and receiving them. You’ll also be unsurprised to hear that this kind of bespoke service – not to mention such a unique piece of wearable art – comes at a price, and you can expect to pay £3,400 for the blue and white platforms at the top of the page, which you’ll find at Not Just a Label.

The same site stocks a selection of Carolin Holzhuber shoes, all at similarly high prices, and all with the ability to stop people in their tracks. You can see and buy them all here.

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