Friday Night Louboutin Fix: Christian Louboutin Beauty 100 leather pumps

“Beauty” by name, and beauty by nature: so simple, but so, so sweet, these neautral pumps have one of the cutest little bows I ever did see, and if I was lucky enough to own a pair, I expect they’d rarely leave my feet.

If you feel the same, and are willing to spend £445 to prove it, click here, buy them and enjoy!


  • Oh… that is not my favorite color for a shoe (or anything else), I’m not so keen of “side bows”, but… I LOVED THESE ONES! Can anybody lend me (without payment guarantee) the necessary amount of money to own them? I loved these shoes!

  • Have seen them in blue and they really are the prettiest things. Am banned from new shoes so must admire from afar (unless I win the lottery)

  • I love nude heels in all shapes and form. They are the most versatile of shoes and I believe you can never have to many (well, to be honest, that sentiment extends to nearly all shoes, but especially nude pumps).

    And these? These are perfect. The bows are so cute! I generally don’t associate “cute” with Louboutin, generally I think more “glamorous” or “sophisticated” or even “sexy.” But these fall firmly in the “cute” category.

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