ALDO ‘Areica’ patent ankle boots

ALDO 'Areica' patent ankle boots

ALDO ‘Areica’ patent ankle boots, £100

Remember the black patent H&M ankle boots I showed you a few weeks ago? Well, I ordered them. Aaaaand, then I sent them right back, because although they looked amazing when I took them out of the box, the ankle opening was so wide they looked absolutely ridiculous on: like I was wearing someone else’s shoes, or something. I was pretty disappointed, because I’d set my heart on a pair of shiny black ankle boots, but it’s actually worked out for the best, because now I’ve found these ones by Aldo, which I like even more: mostly because of the narrow ankle, which definitely won’t make them look like wellies on me!

Unfortunately, now that Christmas is coming up, the cost of these is a little high for me, so I’m going to have to hope for either a) a miracle or b) a sale. I have only myself to blame, though: ALDO always seem to release my “must-have” boots every winter, so I should have known better than to look at their website at a time when I don’t have any spare shoe-spending money. If I hadn’t, I’d also have spared myself the temptation of seeing these knee boots:

camel knee boots

These also come in black, but I love the pale camel, which is perfect with the gold tip on the heel. Going back to the subject of ankle boots, I also really like these ones, for a more casual look:

black suede ankle boots

I love the cone shaped heel, and although suede uppers aren’t too practical for me (I seem to wear out suede much faster than leather), these do also come in leather: oh, and there’s a cognac coloured suede option, too. Decisions, decisions…

I REALLY shouldn’t have looked at the Aldo website, should I? It never fails.

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