Blowfish ‘Girlie’ low wedge ballet pumps

red shoes with low wedge heel

Blowfish ‘Girlie’ low wedge pumps, £40

Flats are cute. Flats can also be pretty uncomfortable, especially if you have to spend a lot of time in them. No arch support, not much padding between you and the ground you’re walking on – and people think heels are bad for your feet!

Enter the low wedge. There aren’t enough shoes in this particular style as far as I’m concerned. They LOOK much like a flat would, you see, but they don’t FEEL like flats, because they have that little sliver of a wedge heel. Not only will that give you a tiny bit of height and elongate the leg slightly (not much, granted, but more than a regular flat would), they’ll also be much more comfortable to walk on, which is always a good thing.

I managed to resist the impulse to show you the blue version of these, because I’ve featured so much of it recently, but you can check it out here, if you so desire. These are also available in black, and this is just a theory, but I have a feeling the small heel will make these harder wearing than ballet flats, too, making £40 seem like a pretty reasonable price for them.

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  • I agree – that’s the perfect alternative to wearing flats. I have black wedges like this and they are probably the most comfortable shoes I own.

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