Shoeperstar: Alexa Chung in Charlotte Olympia ‘Kitty’ heels

Alexa Chung in Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty' flats

I have to admit, I’ve never been much of a fan of either Alexa Chung or shoes with animal faces on them, but for those of you who are, here’s Alexa wearing a pair of Charlotte Olympia’s ‘Kitty’ heels to the British Fashion Awards, where she won the British Style Award for the second year running

Alexa has been photographed in these shoes quite a few times now (and also in the flat version), so she’s clearly a fan. Are you, though? These are £455, and you can click here to buy them if you are.

Charlotte Olympia kitty heels

[Image: Fame]



  • Hm. There’s that strange phenomenon of celebs wearing shoes that are too big. Could she have borrowed them? Repeatedly, although they are too big? Hm.

  • I’m not her fan either, and for sure I’m not a fan of shoes two sizes too big, which is the case in the picture… not a fan of her style.

  • if she is such a fan, she should be willing to try a little bit harder to get these shoes in her own size…and accepting a style award in those?kinda meh to me.

  • I agree!! What’s with the toooo big shoes??!! Seriously, its a huge event that EVERYONE and their dog will be going to, she has known about it for how long?! and she can’t get her outfit together with shoes that fit?

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