Red canvas ballerina pumps from Accessorize

When it comes to packing for summer holidays, I always try to do the whole “capsule wardrobe” thing. I always fail miserably at this, and end up having to wear all my clothes on the way home because I’ve packed so much – and bought so much – that I’m waaaay over my luggage, but at least the thought is there.

Because of my well-documented love of the nautical look, my chosen colours for this so-called “capsule” wardrobe of mine are always red, blue and white. (And, er, green. Also: black.) Which is why these Accessorize shoes went onto my summer wish list as soon as I laid eyes on them. Not only will they fit in perfectly with the rest of the wardrobe, they’re also as light as only a pair of canvas flats can be, AND they’re only £20.

Now I just need to find room for all of the 20 million other items I want to try and fit into my suitcase…


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