Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 59: The Thigh’s the Limit

What: River Island grey suede thigh high boots
When: Friday, November 19th, 2010
Where: Out for date night
With: Black knitted dress (Matalan, years ago); green scarf (thrifted)

Another day, another pair of River Island thigh-high boots. I promise I do wear other shoes sometimes, although, to be honest, not all that often right now, because I’ve decided that leg-hugging thigh highs are one of the most flattering styles of boot to wear with my dresses. Because they don’t divide up the leg the way other boots do (i.e. a knee boot with give you a line where the boot ends, another one where your skirt starts, and a space in the middle, essentially diving your lower body into three sections) and just continue smoothly all the way to the hem and beyond, they have the same kind of leg-lengthening effect as a pair of nude shoes, and, well, we all know how much I appreciate those.

These boots were yet another River Island sale bargain, although I bought these ones back in April, and have had them tucked away under the bed ever since, waiting for the right time to wear them.

This dress is years old now, but it’s one of my go-to winter dresses, because it’s so comfortable and I can wear it pretty much anywhere.

I figured the black and grey combo needed a shot of colour, though, so I added the green scarf as an afterthought:

With this post, I’m pleased to say that all of my thigh-high boots are now safely through the challenge, so I can move onto some other form of footwear. Now I just need to decide what it’ll be!


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