Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 58: Black and White



What: River Island thigh high black boots
When: Friday, November 12th, 2o10
Where: Local mall
With: Skirt (eBay, used to be a dress); coat and sweater (both New Look)

I haven’t been feeling very well this week, and we’ve had Biblical-style rain most days, so I haven’t made a whole lot of progress with the Shoe Challenge: in fact, up until today, on the few occasions I did manage to leave the house, I was mostly wearing an ancient pair of rubber riding boots (and by “ancient” I mean “I got them when I used to take horseriding lessons in my early teens”) which are the only shoes I have that are suitable for walking the dog in this horrible weather!

The good news, however, is that Shoeperman and I have booked a couple of weeks away for this December: we’re going back to the Canary Islands, where it should hopefully be much warmer than it is here, and give me a chance to “save” a few of the open-toed shoes I’d given up on, thinking I wouldn’t have the chance to wear them before the challenge ends on January 26th. We’ve also upgraded our luggage allowance to allow me to fit them all in…

Anyway! Today I did manage to get out of the house, and we headed to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. It was only after I got back and looked at the photos that I realised I’d been prancing around a car park in thigh-high boots, which, when you put it that way, sounds a little bit dodgy: whoops

The boots in question are these ones, which I got for £10 in the River Island sale a couple of weeks ago: score! I’d had a pair of new black thigh-highs on my wish list for a while, and these are made of a stretchy fabric which I like because it fits smoothly under dresses and skirts, and feels basically like you’re wearing a really warm pair of tights.

This skirt is the sister of the pink one I wore here, and like the pink one, it started life as a dress. I was so pleased with the length and general swirly-ness of the first one (I’d been looking for a skirt exactly that shape for absolutely ages, and it was harder than you might think to find one), plus the lovely, thick fabric, that when I found a black version of the same dress on eBay I snapped it up. My lovely mum has since altered both of them properly for me, so I no longer have to worry about tucking the bodice under – thanks, mum!

I figured this was a good skirt to wear with thigh high boots too, because it’s not short enough to look trashy. Or not unless the wind’s blowing, anyway:

Unfortunately for me, we were up pretty high, and the wind, it was blowing. I look like I’m about to take off in this one:


Oh, and as for the Christmas shopping, we did manage to get one gift… for the dog! (I’m sure he’ll love it, though…)


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