Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 57: Joan Holloway Fancy Dress

What: Christian Louboutin Nooka 100 satin pumps
When: Saturday November 6th, 2010
Where: Late Halloween costume party
With: BB Dakota green dress, fake cigarette, ancient Matalan necklace

Well, this weekend was Halloween Part 2 amongst our circle of friends, and despite racking my brain for hours (well, OK, minutes) and reading all of your suggestions on my last Halloween post, I was forced to come to the conclusion that I just didn’t have the clothes/wigs I’d need for any of the costumes I came up with, so I decided to wear an outfit I already had and call myself “Joan Holloway from Mad Men”. Yes, I’m lazy. But hey, it was still a lot of fun, and I guess that’s the whole point…

Christian Louboutin Nooka 100 slingbacks. Not very accurate to the Mad Men time period, but I figured they went with the dress!

Fake cigarette courtesy of a Halloween costume from years gone by. Smoking kills, kids!

Sadly, I don’t have Joanie’s figure. I did try to pad the dress out, but it was so low-cut on me that the padding kept popping out of the top, so I decided I was fighting a losing battle with that one.

And as for Terry:

He’s Han Solo dipped in carbonite. And if you want to see more of him, there are more photos over at my personal blog!


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