Plomo ‘MICHAELLA’ bow back over-the-knee boots

In most cases, I’d advise against adding unnecessary embellishments to the calf area of a boot, because it can be an excellent way to add instant bulk to that area. (Are bulky calves on your wish list this year? Thought not.) In this case, however, I’m charmed enough by the general appearance of the boots to think it just might work: and of course, the fact that they look good doesn’t hurt either.

These boots are by Mexican brand Plomo, and come in beige, black and grey. I’d like them better if the backs weren’t quite as open – the effect is that the boot is being held together by the bow, but I can’t help thinking that could get a little chilly. Still, I guess it’s nothing a good pair of tights couldn’t fix.

If you want to try these out, they’re $369.96 – click here to order them from SoleStruck.


  • Honestly, as a shoe designer myself, I have to say it is in fact a good ideia but the boes on the beige boot don’t seem equally distanced, do they?
    I think the boots are nice but look kind of cheap somehow… and that could be avoided by making the boes slightly smaller and the studs could be in old gun metal, flat (not round). That would give a chic touch… Also they look like bending forward (the bootleg) so the heel doesn’t seem apropriate for the last in terms of construction of the boot itself. So, a little less height on the heel would help and the outsole if it was a little bit thicker the boot would be more balanced for sure.
    The idea is nice, it’s just not well finished for my taste, or maybe it’s just my eyes…
    Love your blog!
    Kisses from Portugal

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