Heroes or Villains: Alexander McQueen’s ‘Pelle’ ankle boots

alexander-mcqueen-bootsZappos describe these as “sandals” which, well, is clearly a big fat lie, isn’t it? An open toe does not a sandal make, and the sooner the shoe world realises that, and we can all get back to wearing season-appropriate footwear, the better.

These are boots. Peep toe boots. Alexander McQueen peep toe boots. And with those pointed, studded ankles, they look a bit cartoon villain-esque, no?

But with those bits fastened down:mcqueen-boots

Not so much. Hmmmm.

Of course, there is always that peep toe to contend with, and as much as I love peep toes in general, I tend to think that a boot is the last place they belong. I do quite like this though:


I particularly like the way the skull looks totally shocked, as if it’s thinking, “By God, I appear to have been attached to a pair of peep toe boots! Whatever next?”

What do you think of them, folks? Love? Hate? Indifferent?

If it’s love, they’re $1,159, and you can buy them here.


  • yet another pair of perfectly good boots ruined by cutting a hole in the front. you know, i used to do that to my shoes back in the old country, when i got too big for them, but my parents couldn’t afford to buy me new ones…

  • I love them! The heel is too skinny and I could live without the peep toe, but otherwise they’re amazing!

  • omgomgomg!!!
    It’s a motorcycle jacket for feet!
    Those are BADASS! I love them so much I almost bought them :(((
    I hope someone makes a cheaper version…. (maybe even without a peep toe…)

  • I think they’re absolutely fantastic. Sure the peep toe is definitely bizarre on a boot but once you get past that they are a very (as already described) badass boot. Obviously only when buttoned down though. They just look strange with the buttons undone.

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