Beatrix Ong Oru suede pumps with origami

When I was a child, we used to play a game: you’d take a piece of paper, and fold it into a shape a little bit like the embellishment on the front of these shoes – how, I don’t remember. On the outside, you’d write numbers, and on the inside would be… actually, I’ve long since forgotten the kind of thing you’d write on the inside, except that I think it had something to do with telling people’s “fortunes”, and there was some complicated means by which these “fortunes” would be revealed. Does anyone have even the slightest idea what I’m talking about here? No? OK, well, moving on…

I mention all of this because it was the very first thing that popped into my mind when I spotted these Beatrix Ong pumps at Far Fetch. They’re down to £159 in the sale, and that’s probably one of the more unusual embellishments you’ll see on a shoe, this month at least. The flared heel shape isn’t bad either, and the colour is certainly bright enough! If you don’t like the heel, these are also available as flats: click here to have a look!


  • I know exactly what you’re talking about. I thought of fortune tellers too, as soon as I saw the picture. I made a lot of them as a kid. Pick a colour, pick a number, pick a flap. (Side note: I teach 2nd grade in China, and my kiddies make the same shape into puppets and dishes, generally for their erasers, which they have snipped into several hundred tiny pieces. Grrrrr.)

    Anyway, I like the shoes a lot.

      • omg i used to make those too
        colours outside, numbers inside and then the fortunes under the flaps…and i also thought of them when i saw the shoes
        i think we could still use them as adults…only we could totally make them correspond to shoes and use them to help us decide which pair to buy when we are on a budget lol

          • Dee-Lite! I have not heard anyone talk about them in forever!! Oh, and I played with the fortune teller thingies too as a kid, though I could never get the folding down right.

  • I believe they are called ‘cootie-catchers’. There is an episode of South Park all about them.

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