Jimmy Choo Mantle Jeweled Flower Metallic Leather Sandals

Jimmy Choo MAntle

Jimmy Choo ‘Mantle’, £1277

I’m on a bit of a Jimmy Choo kick at the moment, and I’m sure the reasons for that are pretty self-explanatory: all you need to do is take one quick look at these gorgeous gold ‘Mantle’ sandals, and you have all the reasons you need, right there.

Although beautiful, these shoes are probably the kind of footwear that would be destined to spend most of their lives on the shelf: not because they’d be difficult to style – far from it, in fact! – but simply because most of us don’t have that many opportunities to wear a pair of £1,277 gold sandals, complete with rhinestone-studded flower on the front. (About that flower: isn’t it amazing? I particularly love the giant gold leaf sticking out the top – there’s just something so extravagant and glamorous about it!)

Say you DID have the opportunity to wear these shoes, though? How would you do it?

Well, as I mentioned above, these wouldn’t be hard to style. Gold, strappy sandals are a go-to for many people when it comes to special events (there’s a good reason why you see so many of them on the red carpet), so here’s a red carpet-worthy outfit, and while the shoes may be bank-breakingly expensive, you may be pleased to know that the dress is from good ol’ Dorothy Perkins! (I know, I couldn’t believe it either…)

red carpet look

What to wear with Jimmy Choo ‘Mantle’ sandals:



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