Shoeper Shoe Challenge, Pair #2: Black leather calf-length boots

black leather boots

What: Black leather calf-length boots, unknown brand
When: Tuesday, February 2nd
Where: Running errands around town
With: Dorothy Perkins bow coat (via eBay), gold belt (no idea)

Just a quick snap while out in the snow earlier this week (yes, the dreaded snow is back: that’s some of it on the toe of my boot, it’s not a design feature, I promise!). I’ve had these boots for, ooh, about six years now? I bought them in TK Maxx, and any brand name has long since worn off, so I’ve no idea who made them, but whoever it was, I would like to salute them for being the only brand at the time to make a pair of boots that actually fit my calves without looking like wellies. Thank you, unknown boot-maker!  May you be rewarded in shoe heaven!

Despite the miracle of Calves That Fit, OMG!, I actually can’t remember the last time I wore these. The Shoe Challenge is definitely doing its job, though, because rather than just grabbing my usual boots when I was getting ready to go out on Tuesday, it made me stop for a moment and pick these instead.  Rediscovering old shoes you haven’t worn in years: it’s like getting new shoes, only, er, not as good.

So! Two pairs down, and now a new challenge presents itself: wearing anything other than boots when it insists on being freezing cold and/or snowing all the time. Gah.


  • Again a lovely picture and I loved the coat! You always look like a fairy!
    I need to confess that I was kind of… er… a bad girl yesterday… and while doing what I did I thought of your challenge! My crime: when you started the challenge, I had 400 pairs of shoes. Now I have 402… I bought a pair on Asos and another one yesterday… 😮 So… I guess I have at least 50 new pairs to wear, in order to cope with your challenge… I know it sounds crazy, but… well, this is who I am 🙂 Anyway, great that you gave us 365 days! I will go on with it! Promise!
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..My birthday 2010 =-.

    • Don’t worry: I must confess, I fell victim to the lure of ASOS this week too, which means another pair of shoes are on their way to add to my tally! Ah, well, at least we’ll be forced to wear them all, although my job will be slightly easier than yours, with 402 to get through!

      Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

      • Thank YOU for the (shoeper) blog and ideas! But… wait! Yes, I have this amount of shoes… collected since… 1998! I remember I gave 6 or 7 pairs last year… because I finally “saw” I wasn’t going to wear them again (well… 3 were new…) But as I told… I “only” have 50 new pairs (not the whole ensemble!) to wear in… now 360 days… (the challenge is running!) So, your challenge came right on time – I had to be sensible one day! (And yes, Asos is really a “curse”, isn’t it? 😉 OOOOHHHH!)
        .-= Denise´s last blog ..My birthday 2010 =-.

  • Wow, from the back you can really see how high those heels are! Very nice boots, I must say.

    My shoeper challenge is not going so well this week, I only wore one pair of shoes that were previously relegated to the not wearing pile. Oh dear.
    .-= Tracey´s last blog ..Parrot =-.

  • Lovely boots! i love finding shoes and most specifically boots i bought a while back and still want to wear. I think this is most likely to happen when buying boots. I must say i have a real passion for boots from all shapes and colours. I recently bought a pair of Vialis boots, they are very hard to find in the uk, one of the rare boutiques who stock these are Black Truffle boutique in london. They have a clog heel and a lovely leather upper and are hand finished. Clogs are going to be quite big this spring so i was thrilled when i bought these on sale. Worth checking these shops shoes and boots selection!!!

  • Cute boots AND calves that fit?! You lucky, lucky girl! It’s my biggest problem with buying boots. Regular and wide-calf boots abound, but shoe designers care not a whit about skinny calves, it appears 🙁
    oh and I love your coat, you look very pretty!

  • I haven’t even been able to start on the challenge yet because my dog broke my toe. (Yep, the dog broke my toe – only in my world. And it wasn’t even the big black dog, it was the small white dog – sheesh!). Anyhoodle it means I’m stuck with wearing my grotty old black and pink trainers which have nice firm soles and uppers that don’t squish my poor toe. I may have some catching up to do, especially since my estimation of 30-something shoes turned out to be way under the actual number of 52.
    .-= Selina´s last blog ..Your daily dose of pretty: Bella Luna Moonstone earrings =-.

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