New shoes, Shoeper Shoe Challenge #3, and a wardobe malfunction

I may as well just admit this straight up: I bought four pairs of shoes this week. Yes, the Shoeper Shoe Challenge is getting, um, even more challenging with every week that passes, d’oh!

Of the four pairs, one pair was planned, two pairs were sale bargains I couldn’t resist, and the fourth pair… well, the fourth pair were the result of me going out on Sunday afternoon dressed like this:

Have you spotted the er, deliberate mistake here, readers?

Why, yes, those ARE two completely different boots! Yes they are! And yes, I DID actually go out in public without noticing I’d done this, which just goes to show you… actually, it just goes to show you that I’m a complete and utter idiot. Yes. Luckily, I’m a complete and utter idiot who realised her mistake almost as soon as she got out of the car, and was so embarrassed by it that she was forced to duck into the first shoe-selling store she came to (Thanks, New Look, I owe you one) and buy a pair of emergency shoes:

The emergency shoes cost £16, and proceeded to rub my heels raw as I walked around the shops in them for the next couple of hours, but hey, at least the left shoe matched the right shoe, hmm?

The full, humiliating story of how I managed to screw up the simple act of getting dressed can be found over at my personal blog, if anyone’s particularly interested. The slightly happier tale of the other three new pairs of shoes will be along soon, but for now let the record show that these red flats have officially become my 72nd pair of shoes, and been entered into the Shoeper Shoe Challenge. And not only that, they’ve already been worn, albeit completely by accident!


  • Heh, that’s a good one- it could have been much worse though! And have I mentioned, looking at these shoe pics, that you should have been a blogging model?

  • Really cute pictures as usual and really cute “emergency shoes”! Mmhhh…I’m not doing well with the challenge right now, but I will be a good girl, I promised! Meanwhile, you could have said it was a new trend, to wear two different boots… everybody would have believed and maybe… followed? I am sure of that!
    Enjoy a loooot your new cute shoes!
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..What for a lovely "shoe" video! Aura Dione =-.

  • Haha, at least you were wearing nice black socks that matched! When I wear boots, I usually throw on my, ahem, more colorful socks. If that were me, I would’ve ended up walking around the stores in red flats with bits of pink and purple argyle socks showing! Truly a mistake to avoid. 🙂

  • Shoepie I never thought I would ever say this to a girl but maybe you have too many pairs of very similar boots *gasp* my screen resolution only shows what seems to be a slight differnce in height only. Something only you would have noticed. Great recovery BTW.

    ps can we have more men’s shoes, I know we don’t get much in the way of exciting footwear but occasionally something worth reporting comes along……..

  • so, since you technically wore two different boots, would that count as 2 pairs of shoes down for your shoeper challenge?

  • This is why I keep a pair of emergency flats in the trunk of my car. Well, this, and also in case of broken heels, soaked footwear, impromptu changes of plans, or any number of other things that could go wrong that no one but me probably wastes their time worrying about. I’m such a worrier, but at least it keeps me prepared.
    .-= Leigh´s last blog ..Trade Secret 50% Off Sale =-.

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