Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 42: Friday the Thirteenth

What: Rocket Dog gold heart pumps
When: Friday, August 13th, 2010
Where: Non-Casual Friday! (Date night)
With: Green and gold dress (Miss Selfridge via eBay); gold belt (my mum’s)

Especially for Denise, who asked about my Non-Casual Friday ensemble…

This is a bit of a rush job, because I took a bunch of photos and then realised the flash had made my dress see-through: whooops! I went and put on a slip, and while I was there, I decided to add a belt and let my hair down (literally, I mean. I didn’t get drunk and start thinking I could dance like Beyonce or anything. Well, not yet…), so, if you’re wondering why my hair is up in one photo and down in the next, then, that’s why.  And if you’re also wondering why my hair looks like it hasn’t been brushed in some of them, well, let’s just say the clue is in the question there.


This dress is by Miss Selfridge, but I picked it up on eBay, having had one of those “I have no idea where I’ll wear it, but I’m going to buy it anyway, because it’s £2.50, and also: is green” moments. I get those a lot, actually.

The shoes, meanwhile, are by Rocket Dog, and were a gift from the lovely people at Solestruck a couple of years ago, when I was still editing Shoewawa. I’m sure no one will be in the least bit surprised to hear that I loved them because of the combination of heart + bow, and for those little heart cut-outs all over the uppers. I also love the sparkly heels:

They’re a little less sparkly in real life, but even so, I feel like I could click these bad boys together and be back in Kansas in a heartbeat. Which would be weird, actually, because I’m not from there.

And now I’m off to enjoy my date night. Tonight we’re going to be watching the movie ‘Date Night’. Do you see what we did, there?

Have a great Non-Casual Friday, everyone!


  • Oh, my God, that was so sweet! I feel really honored! (And as people know, I studied my “whole life” in an American school, so I write honOr, colOr, realiZe…)
    Now back to the real point, which is the fantastic idea of a Non-Casual Friday and your gorgeous photos/outfit! When I saw your dress I thought “I WAAAANT IT”! It’s – honestly – in my opinion, the most beautiful dress I saw you wearing up to now, and you have many beautiful ones, you know – and one of the most beautiful I have ever seen anyway! Everything is perfect: the cut, style, color, the stripes! Extremely good taste, congratulations! And 2.50? Intelligent as well!
    The shoes don’t need any further comment, but the hearts and again the style, they are really really lovely!
    I’m really sure you’ll have a great evening – August, Friday 13th, who said it’s bad? I got such an unforgettable email today, it’s definitely a Non-Casual Friday! Have a great weekend as well and thanks for the “especially for Denise”!

  • Ah yes, Friday the 13th, or as this horror movie fan calls it, “Jason Voorhees Day”! I like those shoes, the sparkly heels are fabulous! And Rocket Dog is a great brand, I have a pair of Rocket Dog runners with fake diamonds on the side which I looove (although sadly, they are starting to fall apart after years of wear and tear).

  • There is not one of your casual Friday outfits that I would not happily mug you for, if I was a size 0 that is 🙂

    Green & gold is a cracking combination and the absolutely wonderful thing about eBay is that you pick things up, see if they work & sell/pass ’em on if they don’t. The joy of getting something through the post for less than 5 quid is only matched by finding out that it looks this good.

    Rocket Dog Missie CF turquoise wedges are on the Law&Shoes To Casually Acquire List along with some Irregular Choice Boudoir slippers. Of course if I was not such a shoe magpie, I could have had a pair of Louboutins by now.

  • THANK YOU for showing me these fabulous shoes — they are just perfect for this wedding I’m in! And I found them on SALE =)

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