Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 21: Going Dotty

What: Pewter Mary Janes, Matalan
When: Sunday, April 25th, 2010
Where: Nowhere yet!
With: Spotty dress, Primark (gifted)

So, I have about eleventy-one polka dot dresses. Seriously, I could probably start my own spotty dress shop, if I really wanted to. Last weekend? I bought a spotty dress. A few weeks before that? Spotty dress. It’s a problem. This dress is one I actually DIDN’T buy, though: it was a gift from my parents, and it was much too big for me originally, so my clever mother has been busy altering it for me. (Sadly for me, I inherited precisely NONE of her dressmaking skills…) It was finally finished yesterday, so of course I just had to wear it as soon as was humanly possibly: luckily the weather was warm today (dress wearin’ weather, basically), so I wore it with these pewter Mary Janes, which I got from Matalan, ooh, about two years ago now.

Next up: Shoeperwoman’s Spotty Dress Challenge. In which I wear spotty dresses every day for the next three years…

The flash makes these shoes look much shinier than they really are. Here’s a truer-to-colour photo:





  • Aww! I love your spotty dress.
    I’ve got three so far, and my friends think that’s a lot. I bought a green one for homecoming, then a black and white one for banquet, then a summery navy one from H&M last month.
    My friends told me to stop, but I shall not…
    .-= Milano Cookies´s last blog ..Finally. =-.

    • I really need to stop… Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I hung up my spotty dress… and discovered another oneI had totally forgot I owned hanging next to it. This brings the total to five (although one of those has pindots rather than polka dots, so I’m telling myself it doesn’t count, even although it totally does). Oh, and I also have a polka dot skirt. In exactly the same colour as one of the dresses. I’ve promised myself to quit now, and have told Terry that if he sees me trying to buy a polka dot dress, he has permission to wrench it out of my hands and march me out of the store!

  • Gorgeous shoes and dress!
    How do you find the quality of Matalan shoes?
    I’ve been tempted by many of the styles you’ve offered but still a bit dubious with the name “Matalan”

    • I’ve never had a problem with the quality, but then again I don’t really go into Matalan expecting designer quality so I’m possibly not the best person to ask!

  • Your hair is stunning! So shiny! I have red hair too but am trying to grow out some blonde highlights which made it a bit like hay! What shampoo and conditioner do you use? (sorry, it’s more of a question for your beauty blog!) x

    • Thanks! I actually use lots of different products (although not all at the same time!) – I get sent a lot of stuff to review, so I tend to just use whatever’s there, to be honest! (Or whatever’s on special offer!). I’m always being seduced by something shiny and new so I’m not really loyal to any particular product.

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