Aldo ‘Peasel’ blue flats with rosette detail

Blue studded flats with rosette

It’s rare for me to find a flat shoe which makes me want to stop and take a longer look, as opposed to simply scrolling past, so when I do, I have to show you them! These ones are by Aldo, and for a style of shoe that doesn’t normally hold much interest for me, these actually have quite a few different features designed to grab the attention: the blue upper, the gold studs, the little red and white rosette, topped with a bronze button… these are shoes with a whole lot of personality, and it’s not often I get to say that about a pair of flats!

These are £40, and are also available in black: click here to buy them from Aldo.


  • Maybe it’s because I just finished a book where the character and her friends dressed up as zombie spice girls for Halloween, but these shoes are seriously reminding me of the Union flag. I like them, but the connection is strong for me.

  • wow… when I saw the link and it said “flats” I thought: I’m not gonna like these. But I do. So classic and fun! I’d certainly admire their wearer.

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