Redfoot shoes blue ‘Renee’ fold-up shoes

In my last Shoe Challenge post I mentioned that wherever I go, I’m never without a pair of flats tucked away in my handbag – or in Shoeperman’s backpack, as the case may be. Well, it’s always good to be prepared for shoe emergencies, isn’t it? Louise asked if I buy fold up shoes, and my answer was “no”: I just throw in a pair of regular old flats, and hope for the best. Luckily I have quite a few different colours in stock, so there’s always something that will work with whatever I’m wearing!

I’ve been aware of brands like Redfoot shoes, however, for a while now. As I’m sure you know, Redfoot make fold-up shoes which are specifically designed to be tucked into your bag or purse, ready to be produced when you need them, whether it be at the end of a long night of dancing, or just on one of those days when your feet are feeling the pinch, but there’s still a good few hours left until you can get home and pop them up on the sofa. The brand has a lot of different styles and colours available, but I couldn’t help but smile when I spotted these ‘Renee’ shoes at Spartoo. Look:

I’m a bit of a sucker for badges and pins. They make me think of one of my favourite movies, Office Space, and Jennifer Aniston’s character’s pieces of “flair”.

At £35, these are a little out of my budget for emergency shoes, but they are very cute, and they have a Union Jack print sole too, which is a nice extra touch.

Click here to buy them.


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