Miss Selfridge ‘Dazzle’ pewter jewelled ballet flats

Heel-lover that I am, for a pair of flats to catch my attention, they have to have some kind of stand-out detail to them: like a giant, sparkly brooch on the toe, say. And maybe a bow, too, for good measure.

OK, that’s not strictly true: I’m a huge fan of the simple ballet flat, and the simpler the better: think Audrey Hepburn, in a pair of black capris, and totally plain flats. Embellishments have their place too, however, and I think these ‘Dazzle’ flats from Miss Selfridge would make a really nice dress shoe for those of you who don’t wear heels. These are £29, which is more than I typically pay for flats (New Look is my go-to in this department: theirs rarely cost more than £10!), but I think these could be worth making an exception for, because they have so much to recommend them, from the pewter upppers to that bejewelled bow. And while I stand by my initial “dress shoe” assessment, I also think they could look cute with a pair of jeans.

Agree? Click here to buy them from Miss Selfridge.


  • These are beautiful!! But you’re right, somehow £29 seems like alot for flats? Why will we pay so much more for heels when I would probably get more wear out of these than some of my killer heels that cost me more than rent?

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