Kurt Geiger Gen Lge purple flower sandals

purple suede sandals with red flower

As you may already know, the Kurt Geiger sale started this weekend, which, for me, meant a lot of time trying to search through the constantly-crashing website (I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one excited by the words “Kurt Geiger” and “sale”, then!) to see if the shoes I want most had gone on sale. And, of course, they hadn’t. Boo!

I did, however, happen upon these purple suede sandals, and I’m just going to tell you straight up: these are almost completely sold out, so unless you happen to wear a UK size 4, don’t go getting too excited, OK? And now, having said that, I’m going to add insult to injury by showing you some more photos of them. Because these really are the kind of shoes you have to see from multiple different angles. Like this one, for instance:

Purple flower sandals by Kurt GiegerAnd also this one:

puple suede high heel shoesNow, these won’t be to everyone’s taste. The oversized bow will be a little too oversized for some of you and, truth be told, I’d probably like it better myself if it was suede, rather than patent. Still, if you’re looking for a shoe that will really stand out – and you wear a size 4 – these could be for you. If so, they’re £119, and you can click here to buy them.



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