Zara multi strap high heeled sandals

Zara multi strap high heeled sandals

Zara multi strap high heeled sandals

I never thought I’d ever find myself using the phrase, “Eighties… in a good way,” but these Zara sandals are just a little bit 80s… but in a good way.  I think it’s the colour mix that does it: that shiny red heel (With its little blue tip), combined with the various bright metallics on the toe are very 80s, but in a way that somehow makes me think of summer holidays and suntans than school discos and curly perms – which are what the 80s say to me, at least. I think these would look fantastic with brightly painted toenails and a simple silk dress – ideally on board a yacht off St. Tropez, or similar, but hey – while wearing them around the house in grey old Scotland wouldn’t have quite the same effect, I’d be willing to give that a whirl, too.

These are from the current collection at Zara, which I’m absolutely loving right now – even more so than usual, I mean. I keep popping in, “just for a look”,” and then leaving with yet another new jacket or trench coat – which REALLY isn’t good for my bank balance, but which IS pretty good for my wardrobe (not to mention my mood), so I guess I can’t really complain. While outerwear is my current obsession, however, I’ll always spare a few minutes for a look at the shoes, too, which occupy that very dangerous territory where they’re affordable enough not to feel like too much of a splurge, but then again, when you keep on finding more of them to buy, they don’t exactly help you save either, do they? These ones, for instance, are just £29.99 – which is why I’m going to have to end this post right here, before I talk myself into needing a pair. I still have that new kitchen to pay for, after all…


  • I would grab these in a hot second if I could still wear heels! They really shout “SUMMER!” don’t they…

  • Zara multi strap high heeled is wow! The colour mix is just so eye-catching. I love the shiny metallic heel. Thanks for this beautiful post

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