RED Valentino velvet rose smoking slippers

Valentino smoking slippers with rose embellishment

RED Valentino velvet rose smoking slippers, £345.37

OK, before we go any further, I should probably tell you that when I was hunting down shoes to feature as part of today’s selection, I quickly noticed that almost every pair I happened upon were a bit… odd. Now, I normally try to limit myself to no more than one “odd” pair per day, but hey: it was late, I was tired, so you get a full day’s worth of shoes that are unusual, to say the least. And “odd” to say the most.

I’m starting off with these RED Valentino smoking slippers, which, as I’m sure you can see, are decorated with what has to be the largest rose embellishment I ever did see. In fact, it looks more like a turban to me than a rose, it’s THAT oversized.

I love oversized flowers on shoes. I don’t love this one, though, partly because it looks like something I might wrap my hair in to dry it, but mostly because it’s attached to a slipper. I’m just not on board with this “shoes-that-look-like-slippers” trend, and the reason I’m not on board with it is because THE SHOES LOOK LIKE SLIPPERS. I don’t even wear slippers around the house, so I honestly can’t fathom wanting to wear them OUT of the house. More than anything, I can’t imagine paying £345 for them. Because they’re slippers. Did I mention that already?

I feel like I’ve been far too negative about these poor shoes now. I should say something nice. Er, the red colour is pretty? The embellishment could make an interesting hat? OK, I’m out. I’m sure there’s someone out there who could do an awesome job of styling these, and persuade even me that slippers could be a great alternative to my usual stilettos. If that person is you, please teach me your ways: I would love to hear how you’d wear these!

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  • I do not understand the point of smoking slippers. At all. Are you even allowed to wear them if you don’t smoke? And more importantly, why would you want to?

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