Jimmy Choo ‘Mable’ feather-adorned biker sandals


Finally, a pair of shoes with the power to change my mind about feathers! Even I have to admit that the feathers on Jimmy Choo’s ‘Mable’ sandals add a certain something to look, and while I’d quibble with the description of them as “biker” sandals – a scattering of studs does not a “biker” shoe make – I think they’re rather wonderful. At $1,295, though, I can only assume that the feathers came from the Dodo – ouch!

Jimmy Choo Mable sandals, $1,295


    • You’re totally right – I mean, it’s not like people have the right to spend their own money any way they please, after all, is it? No, it’s YOUR business, Jahara! YOU get to decide and judge! Hope you haven’t ever spent money that wasn’t absolutely essential to life, by the way – gotta remember those kids in Africa!

    • 400 children? that’s about 3 dollars a child. what do you mean by ‘educate’, teaching them the first three letters of the alphabet?

      i’d never spend this money on shoes, simply because i don’t have it. but having it doesn’t mean that you HAVE to give it all away and can never treat yourself to something.

  • I really them but “feathers from a dodo” is about right, at that price! Gah. I wish I could afford to spend that kind of money on shoes. I would buy these.

  • OMG! I really LOVE this, while I don’t dislike feathers the design of this baby should win an art prize. Pity the price, it’s extremely high, but I think it is actually worth it in this case.

  • I actually did Laugh Out Loud when I read your comment about the Dodo, Amber! The shoes are pretty and I actually don’t think the feathers look tacky and just stuck-on, so three cheers for Mr. Choo. If I had an occasion and an outfit and the money, I’d wear them.

  • Sure, I’d pay all that money and then the cat wouldl eat the feathers. Seriously though, I don’t really like these.

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