Shoe of the Day | Topshop ‘Rachel’ strappy sandals in rose gold

rose gold strappy sandals topshop strappy sandals in rose gold
Topshop ‘Rachel’ strappy sandals, £46

Ah, the strappy sandal! Can you even imagine getting through party season without a pair?

Well, actually, you probably CAN. Gone are the days when the strappy sandal was the stiletto of choice for every girl on an evening out: these days the shoe world is a little more varied, and you’re just as likely to see people in fancy flats or wonderful wedges, as in a pair of delicate stilettos. The strappy sandal will probably never go out of style completely, however, and Topshop have released this one just in time for the busiest time of the year.

These are called ‘Rachel’ and have a lovely rose gold upper, which is their main selling point for me. I can’t look past metallics when it comes to sandals: they’re just the perfect amount of “glam”, and they’ll work with every single colour in your wardrobe, leaving you free to worry about what you’re going to wear WITH them, rather than having to swap your shoes with every change of outfit. (I can’t be the only one who goes through multiple outfits before deciding on The One, can I? My dressing room always looks like a fabric explosion when I’m getting ready to go out somewhere…)

Speaking of what to wear with them…

partyoutfit featuring jumpsuit and strappy sandals

jumpsuit // tuxedo jacket //  bag // bracelet // necklace

With shoes like these, I’d normally go for a dress of some description, but today I thought I’d try something different, so picked this black jumpsuit instead. It’s a slightly different look, but it’s sleek, sophisticated, and will make a nice change from the typical party dress ensemble. I’ve paired it with a menswear-inspired tuxedo jacket, which will provide a little coverage to the shoulders if you happen to be feeling a little bit chilly on your way to or from the party!

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