Shoe of the Day | Lucy Choi London Cannes embellished metallic suede sandals

Lucy Choi London gold party shoes

gold sandals with embellished toes

Lucy Choi London Cannes embellished metallic suede sandals, £255

As the holiday season creeps up upon us, it’s probably fair to say you can expect to see a lot of shoes like these over the next few weeks.

Well, not EXACTLY like these, obviously: these are really in a class all by themselves, don’t you think? Lucy Choi London is well known for glammed-up evening shoes, and these ones are a perfect example of that style. At first glance, I assumed the strappy upper was a very fine glitter: that would’ve been just fine by me, of course, but it’s actually a bronze suede, which I think I like even better. (And at least you won’t be finding bits of glitter stuck to the carpet for weeks after wearing them.) It’s hard to tell just from the image, obviously, but suede is generally a little bit softer on the feet than some other fabrics, and I like to think these would feel every bit as soft and luxurious as they look.

As far as the look goes, well, the photos really speak for themselves, but the main talking point here is the crystal brooch on the toe, which adds to the vintage effect created by the shape of the upper. The shiny heel and small platform are the perfect finishing touches – and the platform will make the 4.5″ heel a little more comfortable, too.

party outfit featuring black dress and gold Lucy Choi sandals


For this look, I turned to Ted Baker, which is one of my favourite destinations for evening and occasion wear. They didn’t let me down, either: this black and gold dress is quite a bit shorter than I’d wear personally, but I love the style, which is simple, but very striking  – and I also love the camel coat, which comes with a detachable faux-fur collar!

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