Alice + Olivia ‘Stacey’ face pumps

shoes with a face

pointed shoes with face on the toe

Alice + Olivia ‘Stacey’ face pumps, £251.18

Well, I DID warn you that some of today’s shoes might be a little bit unusual

These shoes are called ‘Stacey’. I’m assuming the person whose face is depicted on the toe of them is ALSO called ‘Stacey’, but honestly, who knows?

Now, shoes with faces aren’t THAT unusual these days. They turn up fairly regularly in fact. Despite this, I have yet to come across a pair I actually LIKE, and  these Alice + Olivia pumps aren’t going to be the ones to break that losing streak. It’s a shame, because I absolutely LOVE the current Alice + Olivia collection: both shoes and clothing. It’s full of wonderfully feminine pieces, and these shoes stand out, because they’re just so… I think “creepy” is the word I’m going to go with here. Maybe it’s just me, but while I’m sure the face is supposed to be glamorous, with the red lips and dark glasses (and probably IS to anyone other than me), I just find it a little bit scary. I’d be putting these back in the box before I went to sleep, if you catch my drift.

Personal reservations aside, if you DID want to wear these, the black/pink/red colourway is classic enough to make it fairly easy to find something to wear with them. Anything combining two or more of those colours would be the obvious choice for these. Maybe something like this Donna Karan dress?

black pencil dress with red accents

What do you think? How would you style these… or would you just not bother?

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